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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Rebuilding the Arsenal

Chapter 1,
A Method of Reaching Extreme Altitudes
(R, Goddard)
First was introduced to Model Rockets in the Fourth Grade. WHOA!
This information has been declassified. While not subject to the "Freedom of Information Act" it needs to be disclosed among the general population.
Later I will elaborate on my research, this draft is dedicated to KODAK II.
This was the second flight of the classified "Camera Rocket" in the early Nineties.
The first flight being an unprecedented success. 35 millimeter photographs taken from hundreds of feet in the air provided an unprecedented VIEW FROM ABOVE. While single shot 110 mm rocket cams were commercially available, I choose to build my own 35 mm REMOTE CONTROL spy cams.
The flight of KODAK TWO was ,however, marred by industrial failure. In the months between KODAK I and its successor, the Industrial Giant Rocket Motor Company, stopped production of its highest impulse engines. No longer was a 2 engine booster available according to the Space Budget. In an effort to preserve National Security, the Engineering Department opted for the less safe 4 engine booster.
Careful attention was applied to construction and fueling of the booster.
Calculations indicated a slight increase in liftoff G's which would in turn provide an higher Apogee. Based on earlier results higher altitude could only be a plus.
Launch Day FAll early 90's.
All clear, blue sky, nearly zero breeze.
The FURY OF FOUR ENGINES COMING TO LIFE A THRUSTING THIS BIRD SKYWARD made my heart pound like no other although it always seems to exhilarate!
I never clustered four engines before, three was the most and they were all smaller.
Like a great sword the arrow climbed gracefully......
until about a hundred feet.
A brilliant Orange Star fell from the sky as the booster struggled to altitude.
What had happened?
The rocket arched over as the cameraphoger (Mrs. Gone by remote control) kept taking pics. The parachute deployed as the booster fell through a Hawthorn tree.
Booster Busted.
Blew the engine compartment (pic) in two.
One engine overheated and blew up. This is EXTREMELY RARE in Model Rocketry ,one reason I kept the BUSTED BOOSTER. The lower right "tube" in the pic was its mount. My forensics indicated construction error of filling cavities with expanding foam. No heat dissipation.
Despite the odd trajectory some pics were legible. Autumn colors from a hundred feet.
I'll scan some pics someday.
For now I just aquired an inexpensive digital with 17 second "video" option.....
Synapses are firing.

New face for the New face of the anti-war movement.

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.
Today an internationally recognized Plastic surgeon offered to improve the look of the New Face of the anti-war movement. Dr. Hugh Gymplants said " I don't agree with her at all, however if I must be subjected to her image daily, I want some eye candy.
According to Dr. Gymplants dramatic body contouring would increase veiwership on all MSM channels. Nobody is interested in looking at a washed up sixties hipster, citing Pam Andersons higher level of Exposure. He went on to say He has no need for a war for oil. "My three Hummers, Jaguar, SUV and Personal Jet are always full of fuel.What we need is a war for silicone. It is in short supply. I say we invade Rio De Janerio, where a third of the population has a pair of silicone reserves".
His Associate Dr. Faye Slift agreed. " While Botox is being rationed as the Heinz Corporation has cornered the market, I can offer a more youthful face for the anti-war movement" Dr. Slift is known for her work on Wm. Shattered, former TV Star.
When asked if she could make Ms. Sheehman look like a Hollywood starlet, Dr. Slift shot back " Dammit Gym I'm a Doctor not a Magician"!
Dr. Gymplants, well known for his work on actresses involved in video documentaries concerning human reproduction added " I'm concerned about using Liposuction on her Gluteus Maximus areas. There is a very small, atrophied amount of cerebral cortex and removal could cause a politcal shift to the right or death".

Saturday, August 27, 2005

New Addition to the Family

OK OK I'll get back to politcal rants soon. This is however a site for family and freinds to check up on Libby and the pack.
This is our new BAY-BEEE. Plucked fresh from his moms home that sported a "Free Kittens" sign. Picture is blurry, but I challenge anyone to get a clear pic of a rambunctious 7 week old kitten.
We have had many cats since Mrs. Gone I and I got together. Actually cats adopt us. If you ever had a cat you know who rules who. Definitely not like a dog, master relationship. Cats are very independent. Their eyes alone ( pupils like reptiles) tell you they are a unique species. I have an intense LOVE/HATE relationship with cats.
Sasha was our first. Beautiful. Luxurious dark gray and white fur. Born in Mom and Dad's shed to a typical liberal who left them as soon as she could. Probably to be someone elses hussie. Sasha was such a good freind. Very platful even as she got older. Our favorite pastime as newlyweds was playng kittycat volleyball. Sitting on each side of the living room, Mrs and I would toss a little plastic ball back and forth. Sasha would be cat in the middle and jump up and bat it away. Often she would then retrieve it so we could keep playing. She contacted a disease and even emergency trips to the Vet didn't help. When I realized it was her last day I cradled her in my arms in a hand knit afghan my Grandmother made for me. She took a deep breath and was gone. I cried.
Sam also was born in the shed and we adopted him about a year after we took Sasha. They got along great and would wait for us in our apartment window while we were at work. Sam was all white, long hair. He lived the longest, succumbing to some sort of feline dementia and had to be put down.
Mandy was next. Runt Tortiseshell Calico. Last minute Christmas gift idea for Mrs.
She was the only kitten left at the pet store the day before Christmas. No one else wanted her. She was a very good cat until the next one caused her to have a nervous breakdown.
Sabrina was EVIL. She intentionally would knock over house plants. Litterbox? No need just do the deed. Everyday we would come home to a mess. She tormented Mandy so bad that Mandy hid constantly.
Beautiful black and white fur. Just plain evil. Her time was short and I had to take her to the Humane Society.
By this time I had nearly completed the Wolf Lair and we were ready to move. I vowed no more indoor cats.
One day when I got to the property to work on the Den, I noticed someone had dropped off a kitten. This happens regularly around here. Why people don't have the morality to take the to the Humane Society, I don't know.
Little black fuzzball. I fiqure about a month old. I didn't think it would survive. It ran from me and I couldn't catch it. So I left some milk and food out on the porch and figured it was in Gods hands. It showed up the next day and the next. Less timid and eventually let me pet him. I called him Lucky. Lucky the lil black cat. Not sure if it was Friday the 13th or not. If he survived as an outdoor "barn cat" (shed cat?)he would be LUCKY. He did. Great mouser. Left his work on our front porch with pride. Look Mom and Dad what I can do!" Lost him about two years ago to illness.
Lucky procreated. He begat (from a no good liberal, sleep with anyone in town, hussie)four littens, of which two were adopted out.
Slick was short haired ,all black and also a good mouser.
Bear is named so because as a kitten he looked like a small bear. Very long thick hair down to his mane. In the winter he really poofs out!
Bear is not a mouser.
I think he is a liberal. Won't do a damned day of work and expects free room and board! Once a walk with Mrs. Gone Bear got the idea of chasing another cat. Would not come back and was about a mile from home. I figured he is an OUTDOOR cat so he'll find his way back. Next day Mrs. Gone is afraid. No sign of Bear. So we walked back to where we last saw him. The second Mrs. Gone called his name he came running out of the woods, mewing like a baby, actually acting grateful. Was underfoot the rest of the way home.I don't think he has crossed the property line since!
UPDATED 8/28/05......
I was not going to post this because it still bothers me.
Bear Or Slick knocked up some hussie and she gave birth in my stored boat. Quite as suprise when I took the tarp off, Adopted out 4 of 5 and kept the lil black cat.
Mrs.Gone was also suprised when I declared He could be an indoor cat. So tiny, so friendly. PANZER of course! Mrs. didn't like the name. Kids did. PANZER loved the youngest and would sleep with him. One morning, PANZER was gone, slept on by his freind. Mrs. Gone called me at work in tears. No more indoor cats.
I love them and I hate them.
About the time the combines roll, cats come up missing. Pretty sure that was Slicks demise all though I have no proof. With only Bear I figured the Pack needed new blood. "Free Kittens" So I stopped and sure enough a black cat.
5 year old wanted to name him Charley after Grandmas cat or Bear Number TWO.
Mrs Gone sugeested Con-cat(Conservative Cat) then Cocoa.
I think it is going to be Cocoa.
VERY AFFECTION, quick to purr. Born outdoors nearby.
Another barn cat. Hope I don't get too attached.
I know I will.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Blasted Computer

In memory 1999-2005
Hal 2000 Computarical Device.
May you rust in pieces...

I don't like destroying things. I fancy myself a creator. When I have to take a life, I do it quick and humanely. One shot, never more.
When I first met Hal, I was so enthralled. We surfed the WEB together and bonded like brothers. The absolute JOY of a FELLOW COMPANION pushed my exhuberance beyond delight. Often we would lay awake at night, purchasing Model Trains off Ebay, Checking in on Drudge, exploring the Space Geek sites, and eventually finding lodging near Scrappledom.
Then one day, all seemed different. Hal wouldn't answer me so fast. My son thought Hal was enthused by the Gaming sites he was visiting and was "bored" with the "old fashioned life style". Maybe Hal was going liberal, thought I.
Memories flooded back, I vowed to save Hal from taking the wrong path.
This was my freind and I was going to save him. I got my Computer Geekological Doctorate in 1992. I am a doctor, I will save my freind.
Herbal Medicine seemed to be the key. Delete a little here, Defrag a little there.
Patient stabalized.
Pager goes off in the middle of the night. Oh my Gawd! RELAPSE!!
A series of POX show up. Popping up all over the head of HAL.
Back to the hospital. This time life engaging questions arise. I have a lifetime of MEMORY saved in HAL. Pictures from his youth. Pictures of Carbon Based HAL slaves.
Then Dementia set in.
HAL didn't,wouldn't recognize me. I would have to reset him at least three times to get him to wake up.
The bleary,clouded look in his eye was disheartening. My freind was dying.
I thought maybe a radical brain transplant. A new memory to enjoy and the same perfect body. As the transplant was occuring, however the donor and recipient got freindly. They liked each other TOO MUCH. Being the same make, model, and vintage, I could only conclude the worst. MY Computer was a Retarded Homosexual.
Lost in this lonely world, what is a hetero oxygen converter to do?
Break my computer vows?????
When I announced I have had an affair at the computer store and brought home the concubine, HAL lost it.
Spam everywhere. Pop ups zinging past my arse. Spyware stealing the serial numbers of my Model Locomotives.
I barely escaped with my Cable Modem.
I had enough. I'm taking this bastard out.
Quietly, I stalked HAL.
Then the wirrrrr of a broken heartdrive.....
The stench of a overloaded power supply.....
Tears fell across my windlashed face as I cradled my dying freind.
Memory chips dripping from his exposed carcass.
The last sparks of life fading...
I will never forget you HAL.
I wish you had not forsaken me.......

One 12 gauge slug, clean kill.
Through the power supply and wedged in the PC board.
Obviously not a mag load, it was may freind. I wanted an open casket.
30 yard shot.
Dropped like a stone.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Meteorite?

Over the past two years I have built the "Man Cave". This has conquered ground to re-establish the HOBBY EMPIRE.
Some people call it a garage.
The Model Railroad, Rockets, and R/C Airplane will have their stories told.
Most intersesting, in landscaping the concrete apron was this discovery. I "borrowed" topsoil from my pond area behind my woods for fill. This helped expand the pond and provided fill dirt.
Raking out the topsoil, I saw a small clump of dirt. In the best of intelligence, I went to crush it with my Timberland.
A series of Exclamations issues forth from my mouth. Some of a different tongue.
I realized as I professed forgiveness for my uttering, I had stomped a rock. Not just an ordinary rock, I believe a meteorite.
Now I have seen a few rocks. Since 8 (eight) I had to pick rocks out of the fields until better opportunities arrived. Dad and Gramps insisted. I have NEVER seen a rock like this. Everyone I have showed agrees.
The surface looks as if it was SMELTED,pores are evacuated of material. Small magnets attach themselves. The small chunk was hammered off with a 3 pound sledge. It actually looks and has the texture of being "burnt". Like Volcanic, yet, in Michigan?
Curious, I set it aside for a few months this spring, 2005.
Then rereading my Mitch Chee Gon history books, I was enlightened.
Massive Fire Storms wiped out Michigans Thumb Area in 1871 and 1881. (If you can't figure out where the "Thumb" is, don't bother reading on....)
Many saw "fire" falling from the sky prior to being forced from their abodes. Could Meteorites have caused the dried tree tops and dead fall from the lumbering to catch? Perhaps. Many Carbonaceous chondrite meteorite have been discovered in the area.
4 inches in diameter, approx 12 inches in circumference. 2 pounds.
Someday I'll get it tested.
Until then, maybe I'll just imagine....

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Why did the chicken cross the road?

More humor,
Again not original, ubiquitous email. Hope you enjoy...

Plato: For the greater good of man.

Aristotle: It is the nature of chickens to cross roads.

Karl Marx: It was a historical inevitability.

Osama bin laden: That chicken knew nothing of it's mission (ha ha ha)only that it would be a martyr.

Kindergarten Teacher: To get to the other side.

Timothy Leary: Because it's the only trip the establishment would let them take.

Sadddam Hussein: (circa 1988) This was an unprovoked act of rebellion and we were quite justified in dropping 50 tons of nerve gas on it.

Capt. James T. Kirk: To boldy go where no chicken has gone before.

Louis Farrakhan: The Road you see, represents the black man. The chicken 'crossed' the black man in order to trample him and keep him down.

Fox Mulder: You saw it cross the road with your own eyes. How many chickens have to cross the road before you believe?

Ernest Hemmingway: To die. In the rain.

Freud: The fact that you are at all concerned that the chicken crossed the road revealed your underlying sexual insecurity.

Charles Darkwin: Chickens, over great periods of time, have been naturally selected in such a way that they are now genetically disposed to cross roads.

more added08/18/05...

Bill Clinton: I did not, and I repeat, did not have sexual relations with that chicken.

L.A.P.D Give us FIVE minutes with that chicken and we'll find out.

Grandpa: In my day, we didn't ask why the chicken crossed the road. Someone told us that the chicken crossed the road , and that was good enough for us.

Colonel Sanders: I missed one?

G.W. Bush: The chicken crossed the road because he was an evil doer, and we smoked him out of his hole and got him on the run!

Dr. Seuss: Did the chicken cross the road? Did he cross it with a toad? Yes! The chicken crossed the road, but why it crossed I have not been told!

ALL FUN INTENDED, NO MALICE. Names altered to protect the innocent.

bobarin: The chicken had every right to cross the road, however the yellow line was an obstacle. to cross or not to cross. That is the question.

Give me doenuts: Obviously there was a Crispy Creme on the other side.

Shawn Hannity: Later this hour we have a visit from ( fill in) and tonight on Hannity and Colmes we go back to Scuba with Allan. But after this break I'M going to update you GREAT AMERICANS on the next FIFTEEN MINUTES of my show, Plus Nat.....

Skibby Gone: Too late, Mrs. has it frying....

Pawl Harvey: Doooo YOOOOUU know, Chicken ccccaaannnnnbbbbee SSSOOOOOO GOOD.Protien, yes you heard me PROTIEN! baked. ph, gudday!

John C. Melonhead: I have a pink chickenkoop, but it's different from the rest.

conversion: I don't believe there ever were chickens or roads. My professor never mentioned that. I have no scientific evidence of this purported "Fowl Line" Obvisiously an uneducated subhuman dreampt up something so ridiculous!

Gawd: Honestly, I had NO idea birds would turn out that dumb! AND stop with the whole us verses them thing, heck, I LOVE YOU ALL!

Rush Limbawgh: I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THESE LIBERALS, uuhh Ladies un Gentlemen, letting their chicken cross our roads and raising taxes on ME to FUND this MADNESS.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Praetorius Paradox

Included under the chapter "Frankenstein Must Destroy Children".
And others....
On several occasions Praetorius is presented as a diabolical character. For instance, on his first entrance Praetorius' name is spoken several times by Minnie and Frankenstein. According to an old medieval superstition the devil's name has to be spoken out aloud at least three times to invite him into human company. Like in Goethe's Faust this has now been done and Praetorius/the devil will not leave Frankenstein's side again. Praetorius then proposes a collaboration to Frankenstein, to work together "not like master and student, but as fellow scientists", again a reference to Faust.
"Have a cigar, it's my only weakness". Only Weakness is mentioned at least twice. Only weakness apparently is for the same sex.
Exhibit E.
Homosexuality and the destruction it causes.
Ernst Thesiger was a remarkable character actor. His portrayal of Dr. Praetorius was explicitly wonderful in many ways. Cunning,intelligent,absolutely sure of himself. Not only does he act effeminate,He was rumored to be homosexual, as was the director, James Whale.
Henry Frankenstein (1935 "Bride of Frankenstein")learning from nearly dying that his "Idea" of creating life was immoral. He had his (incredibly beautiful Valerie Hobson) soon to be wife at his broken side. However, He was still a pawn. No less than to a college professor, His former professor,Praetorius.
Praetorius had one goal in mind. To create a race of Man(emphasis on Man) Made men. No need for the mess of intercourse, gestation, birth. Now MAN can Create MAN without woMAN. He would not relent until Dr. Frankenstein agreed, even to the point of the Creature attacking his family [read John Roberts])Read up on current clone testing.
This is the design of pathetic gays and other sexual predators TODAY!
What is the result of amoral homosexuality? DISEASE thank GOD!
but the un here to thought of, no more liberals.
Conservative women and men don't abort. They raise their offspring to do the same. Homosexuals are generally libraleeze. They don't procreate. You are destroying yourself with the MONSTER you created.
JUST LIKE ABORTION, the creature is destroying it's own.
No procreative sex, no children.
No one to nurture into the "religion or tradition".
SO one has to go out to the Village and strangle young minds.
Take the weak,unprepared souls and drag them to HELL. Now let me be clear, I don't have a problem with homosexuals. I've known many and while I could NEVER understand the attraction, I get along well with them and everyone. My goal on this blog is to state" I DON"T WANT MY CHILDREN AS A CAPTIVE AUDIENCE, BEING TAUGHT ABOUT SEX"! What you do in your home is your business, just don't bring it out into the Village as a new requirement. The current "in your face" gays on TV are just another affront to our succeptible children. Keeping it in the closet is ok. Hell, I can't speak about Christianity in public, why is this tolerated?
This is why WE (As Villagers) MUST oppose sex ed in Schools.
Do you want Praetorius to instruct your kids on sex?
Take those precious offspring aside and teach them what is right.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Model Railroad

I received my first "toy train" at Christmas of 1971. A MARX brand O scale "Big Rail Work Set". I have forever loved Trains and the relationship they built between my father and me. Not so oddly enough my father received Marx trains for Christmas in the fifties, and my sons get Lionel now.
Model Railroading taught me alot. Art, some say Folk Art. Electricity. Construction of simple wood tables lead to the all out dementia of ultimately building my own house. The appreciation of Architecture, and Landscapes. Drafting and Engineering. This was almost unconsciously learned as the ABSOLUTE FUN of creating and collecting was the driving force.
As a married (to an EXTREMELY UNDERSTANDING wife) man I have collected a remarkable number of interesting trains, scale, tinplate and toy. This collection literally dates from 1971 (although certain pieces predate World War Two). Truly a lifetime acquisition. Two rather complete scale layouts have been operable and nearly complete scenery wise( NO layout is ever complete until the creator dies). The last was dismantled in 1998 when we moved into our new house. Lacking the room to resurrect the Monster I had to wait until this year to create another scale world. The Man Cave (read attached garage with 16 x 36 foot loft) is now occupied and the Railroads are begging to cross country.
A smaller table is set up for Son's of Libby. They have Lionel size (1/48 quarter inch "scale") My world will feature a vast array of "HO" scale (1/87). The tables are ready now for laying track. The GENESIS of a new scale world is about to be written.
details as progress is made.....

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Safely Home

Space Shuttle Discovery returned to earth this morning without incident, Thank God. The first test flight after the Columbia tragedy was declared an overwhelming success. In addition to docking with and resupplying the International Space station, techniques for repairing damage to the Shuttle were tested. Do to continued shedding of foam on the external fuel tank, the Shuttles will remain grounded for the foreseeable future, until a better adhesive can be found. The exploration of space continues tomorrow with the launch of the robotic satellite "Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter" This craft will further seek out water reserves on the Red Planet.
The Space Shuttle is an incredible feat of technology, being the most complex machine ever built by Man. My opinion is that it's time has come and gone. The same applies to the Space Station. One of the main reasons the Shuttle looks and operates like it does no longer exist. The military's use of it to capture and retrieve Soviet Soyuz capsules and their twin counterpart, spy satellites. If you superimpose a scale Soyuz over the Shuttle's cargo bay you'd see its an exact fit. No need to steal one when we get to ride in them all the time.
For manned spaceflight we can do better, safer and cheaper. This doesn't mean we should throw away the Shuttle completely. If you take the "Stack" and remove the Shuttle, you have a remarkably sound Heavy Lift rocket, with decades of reliability. This is known as the Shuttle C concept in space-geek circles. Replace the Shuttle with a gigantic, disposable cargo pod and Wa-Lah! No need for wings, landing gear, presurrized crew compartment,heat shielding tiles, windows,etc. The avionics would be simpler by an order of magnitude. Even the three main rockets engines on the orbiter could be replaced by a single modern engine on the pod. When an object is delivered to orbit, the pod can simply be deorbited and burn up into an ocean. Recovery and refurbishing of the solid rocket boosters would remain the same. This and maintaining launch facilities would also save experienced workers their jobs. To me it would be a shame to waste decades of perfecting this equipment just to start from scratch.
To be continued, including thoughts on new manned spacecraft and the missions we WILL fly.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

American Jihadist

(Editors note, This is extremely ADULT material. Those of you who are under age or have weak CONSTITUTIONS best not read. The liner notes in the video tape offer a great deal of insight to this RADICAL organization. Including their profound respect for all three monotheistic religions....)
(SEE B S) A radical RIGHT WING extremist group has resurfaced with another video tape warning of more destruction in the Middle East. This tape ran on all legitimate networks, of course excluding Al-jazeera and it's lesbian sister network, CNN.
In the tape, the number two man in the "terror" group known as "THE BASE"
issued a warning for radical muslims everywhere.
" To the jihadist, I am telling you that bin laden brought you the destruction in Afghanistan and Iraq and more will come CHRIST willing". he said.
He appeared to be referring to the annihalation of the radical muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq.
In the video tape released Friday, Uncle Sam also issued several warnings for the rest of the terrorists.
"Our message is clear, what you saw in Afghanistan and Iraq is what you shall see in Syria and Iran, all this is nothing compared to what is next for your asses."
He also warned to stop corrupting the Muslim religion and it's youth.
"If you continue your terror tactics against innocent civilians you will be exposed to the horrors of Hiroshima..."
Uncle Sam reminded the jackasses of the "hoopla" (truce or dare)offered in the past. "Join the world community and benefit from capitalism" he quotes.
He told the Muslim community that the queer igit cleric are lying to them.
" Don't believe the lies, Their are no virgins waiting in heaven for you. This must be apparent, as few Islamic virgins die. The true text of the koran states" No one shall commit murder in the name of Allah. To do so will bring the fire that shall not be quenched and the 72 worms that shall never stop eating your flesh for eternity. Go back to the Mosque and sharpen your pencil."
"If you don't stop the cowardly attacks today, surely you will be dead tomorrow and sent to hell".
In a pointed direct remark to Allan Zawahiri Uncle Sam was quoted,
" Listen up gramps, you should be at home reading to the grandkids. I'm coming after your ass. We are already there, sleepers. Look over your shoulder, that new bodyguard, the "woman" under the veil, the shepherd next to the dirt hut. They may be U.S. After the obligatory beard pull and two finger eye poke ala Moe Howard. I plan on disemboweling you. I have perfected the gut shot. As you run like an impotent dog, you will trip over your robe and drag your own intestines out. Also remember I lube my gun with pig lard. Soon, pray ALmighty God, you will be seeing roadside bombs on the trails to Mecca. The hajj will become Death Valley. In addition to nails our IED feature pig blood. We not only intend to kill but to send you to HELL. This blood is on your shoulders, this death is your causing, you want holy war, you got it. YOU WILL WISH YOU WERE ONLY FIGHTING THE US MILITARY !!
They are trained to be polite and understand tradition and culture. WE GAVE UP ON THAT! I swear to GOD, That bullet replacing my MIDDLE FINGER IS FOR YOUR ASS!
My stack of korans next to the toilet make good wipes. I swear to ALMIGHTY GOD after I kill you I will disinter your worthless dog mother and spit upon her corpse!'
The tape ended with a wide array of American patriotic songs and threatened more tapes...
to be continued...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Frankenstein must destroy children

Little Maria only is enjoying a pleasant afternoon floating "Daisy boats".
When the Daisys are all gone, The Creature figures all pretty things belong in the water. To father Hans horror and grief.
- Frankenstein, Universal, 1931.
In the novel the Creature tries to silence young William Frankenstein's cries by squeezing his neck. This makes William the Fiends first murder. A new technique is established in the Fiend's repertoire.
- Mary Woolstonecraft Shelley, 1816. lib itch. good writer.
Exhibit C
subtitle " Prochoice = NO CHOICE"
"Why the Children bear the brunt of Liberalschisms self destruction."
Obviously the first example is ABORTION. While appearing to be the exact opposite of creating LIFE from the DEAD it really isn't.
We are conceived in sin. If the fetus is destroyed, the soul still exists. What happens to the soul? No chance of washing away natural sin by Baptism. No choice of pursueing faith in Christ Jesus. NO CHOICE WHATSOEVER!!
Pray GOD these souls are delivered to the loving arms of JESUS CHRIST.
But are they?
With no intervention are they consigned to hell?
This question will never be considered by the INTELLECTUALLY SUPERIOR.
This is meerly a medical procedure, much like Frankenstein's. The cap of the head is simply sawed off, and the brain removed by surgical suction. All left over body parts are discreetly disposed of.......
Perhaps these GHOSTS return to haunt the Fiends.?
Perhaps they stand as accusers on the final day.?
Exhibit D.
"The Hollywood desecration of the youth."
The Cultural elite has a well thought out plan. To maintain the Beast they must infuse it with new blood.
Blending the lines of traditional moral values has let loose the offspring of a hellish mating of devil and fiend.
Overexposure to sex and violence has disturbed the Abnormal brain of the American youth. Video games and access to mature themes in the media have scarred the innocence of the youth. I honestly witnessed a preteen proudly relate how good she was to her bisexual lovers. The adults in proximity were FLOORED at the nonchalance of her statements. Is this something to be proud of? What life is in store for this wretched fool?
Why have we allowed the Creature to walk among us?
The public's tolerance has turned to acceptance and now is being taught as the rule ( THANK YOU PASTOR ALAN !)
Because us Villagers are the TOLERANT. We accept people as they are. We do NOT impose our values on others. Don't speak about religion, especially Christian.....
However, we are not to be accepted and are being sought by the Fiend.
The Creature must sustain itself. With out indocorinating the youth, a fresh set of BODY PARTS will not be available to experiment with. !

Monday, August 01, 2005


As you can tell, I've always had a fascination with the Frankenstein story. As a punk kid, my Dad would wake me up to watch the midnight Creature Feature, or the Ghoul. Sir Graves Ghastly on Saturdays. I always searched the TV guide for the next Frankenstein airing (yes before video tapes, cds, dvds, TIVO).
But there was a downfall, nightmares.
It was always the same. I'd be standing next to the Dr. begging him not to finish the Monster. He always would. He could not be told no. I would even try to befreind the Creature to no avail. Just before It caught me I'd wake up. Typical nightmare scenario.
" Why they cannot be told no"
Once liberals convinced themselves of Superior Intellect, they began stitching together the unhemming of America. From now on it was going to be THEIR way and any other opinion was suspect, intellectually flawed, dangerous. Old fashioned values needed to be updated for the 20th century. If you are a Christian you are consigned to be their arch nemesis. Not only do they strive to live in their ideals it is now going to be surgically inserted into the entire culture. If you can not follow their values you shall be mocked and ignored. The results being the Sexual Revolution, Rampant Drug abuse, Crime, Political Correctness, The scorning of religion, The HATRED Of AMERICA,The despising of men and Fathers,the horrors of homosexuality,the destruction of the family.
Somehow we missed the opportunity to dissect the Creature before it was given life.
Now the Beast is rampaging through the country (side) destroying everthing in its path. Who will stop this menace?....................