Location: Mitch Chee Gon, United States

Friday, February 23, 2007

Expansion of Empire

Commodore Libby was most confused. The new digital Communication was usurped by a new format. Progress continues despite all obstacles. Blogger meant something different in 1887.
To the left is the framework for an Abandon Mining Community somewhere in Mitch Chee Gon. A long forgotten ore mine will be the main feature, with ancillary buildings and landscaping.
Recycled foam packing forms the base of the hillside. Soon plaster and industrial strength disposable towels will form a realistic transition from cut limestone to highland. the buildings will be abanndoned yet the spurs maintained for storage.
Now WHY?
The history of Muck Stoke Mile,
For some reason abandon communities have risen, perhaps because they are the oldest. At the turn of the (yikes) last Century "Muck Stoke Mile" was a booming Midwest mining town. Complete with every last pleasure known to man.
According to Ohio and Mackinaw RailRoad historians, this area produced every conceivable mineral, metal, fuel and fossil.
Found Extinct in 1917, no living creature in sight.
Ghost Town for memoriam.
In Time.
Think though why do communities suddenly become vacant?
Suspected conclusions:

1)The unexpected bouts of the Ague followed by predatory animals.
2)Natives, (Although friendly according to Government Agents)sought to take their land back.
3)Great Lakes Triangle.
4) More money in loggin' (and dat dar preddy norden girl fom sveden....)
5) gasp NO MORE JOBS. Governor GrahmCracker insists profitable widget, buggywhip, and wooden wheel production will be impressive, in just 5 years.

Everyone was gone.

Muck Stoke Mine is a mystery. Superstitions run rampant.
Soon the Railroad was bankrupt and the town slowly died. Buildings fell, Mother Nature reclaimed hers.

In America someone can always find the silver lining. It's Capitalism. (Silver was long depleted at MSM.)
Muck Stoke Mile once produced many commodities that fed the burgeoning AMERICAN DREAM.
The railroad still uses the tracks as storage spurs.
Recently an Oil facility being erected was noted by a passing Engineer.
"Vat day pumpin at dat dare hill" he was quoted.
Ebryvon naughs dat dis ish aughted und dis naught gute"
but why drill in a Ghost town???????????
Whatever treasure lies under; The mystery of the sudden death of the town will always carry the stigma of


Blogger camojack said...

It's a styrofoam mine!!!

3:58 AM  
Blogger MargeinMI said...

There was no one left. Why? Was Jennifer Grandholm the mayor?

7:58 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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