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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Independence Day

It's here again, The Fourth of July!
Another of my favorite holidays.
Well its not formulating a get together for distant relatives.....
It's not scrambling indoors with a plate of burnt hot dogs in a sudden downpour.....
It's not seeing Uncle Joe drink to many Crown and Cokes and make a fool of himself....
What is it?
How many today really understand it?
My perspective.....
Freedom first from a tyrannical oversea government. From the repression of individual liberties. From being taxed to death for the benefit of others. From busting your ass and receiving no personal gain.
Basically serfdom.
How many today can even fathom the concept of basically being held captive in life?.
Maybe a few scoundrels in the Corrections Institutions, and their prisoners....
How about Freedom of speech?
With all of todays "Political Correctness" most people walk and talk around on pins and needles.
I say F that.
I shall speak my mind.
I will call a Spade a Spade.
It is my Freedom.
Freedom to own Personal Property. Your own sanctuary.
Freedom to defend it with your Second Amendment rights.
Thanks to Ronald Reagan, Freedom from conscription,yet the Freedom to go to hot spots around the world and kick ass. If you so choose.
Freedom to pursue happiness. Freedom to prosecute those who would have it taken away.
What happened to that concept?
Now for the celebration.

Sitting close to those you love,
Gazing longingly at the heavens above,
Soon to burst with Thunder and Lightning,
Man made exhilaration, exciting.
The cool summer grass under your seat,
When do they start the children repeat,
Bright flowers open to all's delight,
Reports declare the 4th of July tonight.
God Bless America.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Flag Day

The American Flag holds so much meaning to me. Old Glory. The Stars and Stripes. I really love that flag.
I have always proudly displayed it to show the world my regard for that which it stands. The sacrifices of so many. In combat, in the fields, at work, and in our homes. The hope it offers. The prospect of a better tomorrow. Reagan was right, America truly is the shining city on the hill and that flag waves above it all.
It's easy to get emotional thinking about all it stands for.
I often do.
I wish the television would end the days programming like it did when I was young. Playing America the Beautiful or the Star Spangled Banner and finish my day with a vision of the Flag.
Knowing there are 6 on the Moon, and paintings of it all over space is inspirational. If someday an alien lifeform stumbles upon us they will know of a race of 'can do' beings who called themselves AMERICANS.
American. I Can.
Love that flag! Red White and Blue.
Now for the rest of the story.
I would like to introduce to my readers ( The Libby Gone™ Sanatoriumm for the Terminally Honest and Trustworthy) Island Girl TLA (Teela) Author of one of the newest sites in the Blogosphere, Island Sense.
True American Girl. Red Pumps, Blonde Hair and Caribbean Blue Eyes.
Smart, very smart. (Don't you have to be to be a Libby fan?)
Also guys listen up, no matter how much you flip or invert the picture, the Flag wont fall off. I tried.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

American Jihadist 2

(I'll Jus Sear Ya) 06/08/06........

A new audio has surface from the world's most fearsome American sympathizer "U Al canbyteme el wango tango" Uncle Sam.
Obviously a propoganda scheme to encourage US Forces around the World.

The tape opens with hysterical laughter followed by a sincere outpouring of more laughter, coupled with some hoots and hollers.
Then a thunderous applause of mortar, artillery and rocket barrages.
A few cruise missiles launch and of course our lil darling Big Boy meeting out far and just desserts.
Heavy Metal accentuates the Chaos of Joyful Sonic Bombastment!

American Warriors are unstoppable.

The recent demise of the punk wearing New Balance sneakers has been a source of very little interest to us in the US Military. He was nothing more than a two bit pincushion found at any brothel in lower Tehran. His ego was his undoing and we rejoice in turning him into worm food.
Quoting Uncle Sam " By the great glory of the only true God through his son, 'Jesus Christ' another gerbil has entered into his reward".
"May he find himself in the martyrdom of hellish reprise! The most high God shall reward the coward with 72 unrepentant Virginians, who by the grace of God shall perform perverted physical penetration by every sort of firearm allowed in Hades."
(Short pause for a snack of Bar B que Pork and a kiss of an inspirational unveiled American Beauty. Watch out for Flag Day!)
"Yea I am truly ready for this confrontation between good and evil."
Snarled Uncle Sam,,,,
But first a quick vacation to Venezuela to lower crude oil prices.
Don't Tread on Me.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Just babbling

The soothing sound of a creek babbling, like nothing other. The syncronous gurgles and the gentle wash of water seeking that which to gravity urges it.
Lucky us Mitch Chee Gon (gan?)-ders! The state is dotted with creeks and I am so lucky to have grown up among them.
It is truly amazing what you can find living in a creek. If you never had the priviledge, let me explain.....
I didn't know as a kid that Lobsters live in Mitch Chee Gon. A little later I was taught they were crayfish. (but they dont look like a fish!!??) crawdads. (is there crawmoms??? ask a lot of silly questions) What the heck is this crustacean doing in the creek?? And why do some have one big claw and not another????
Or a small one???
And why do the claws grow back?????
Snapping turtles are a different story. Just run.
Always a ton of minners (minnows) and larger fish.
Beavers tried to engineer the waters to their advantage, and usually succeeded. My brother enjoyed engineering their profitable demise.
The frogs always sang me to sleep, still do.
Little deer take their first drinks of water from such places. Against all warnings, some boys drank too....
First Gar Pike I ever saw swam close enough to my knees to feel it in a creek opening into Lake Huron. Looked like a prehistoric nightmare. I skeedaddled. Water may have had an E Coli problem for some time after.
Uncle Cracker and I used to perform war exercises with aging model battleships in "our" creek. Both sides always lost to our delight.
Boys sometimes do these things. LOL!
One of us learned to skate on the frozen creek. Inner tubing down to it was my favorite winter sport.
One of the best parts of deer season, sitting and listening.
Take some time and find a creek. Just sit and listen. Relax.
Maybe take a really good friend.
Lifes simple pleasures.