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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The F Bomb

Therapy comes in many forms. One form I have avoided since 1994. Music.
While I am not the most accomplished guitarist, I can hammer out a pretty good tune. I started playing at 13 with the help of my close friend and my Dad's cheap guitar bought with love by my Mom. 1960's era Decca. Yes Decca the old Record company. I even rebuilt it in shop class into a respectable version.
Marriage and fatherhood made me drop the axe and pursue a "normal" life. Anyone who has tried it knows the life of trudging knee deep in beer and groupies is not a good family life. I didn't look back, I had my fun. Then I cut my hair.
I kept all my equipment, It's still top of the line by todays standards. Ibanez Soundgear Bass and the Mighty Carvin Stack. 400 Watts is quite a ride. I didn't know why, but I kept it.
A guy at work asked me 2 years ago to come down and "Jam". Hell I could barely remember chord structures. I really put it out of my mind. Finally this fall I decided why not, all I can do is have some fun.
I had forgot the thrill. Some people say it's like sex. Sometimes it's better. You can do it again in 10 seconds. Rollercoasters may be fun, but you can't do that at 2 in the morning. And headphones only work with audio.

If you never stood next to a drum set being pounded on, you missed out.
Feeling the air as it slaps your jeans, feeling it change your heartbeat. It does.
So does my Bass.
But for now let me introduce the band.
I will give more details as time goes on.
F Bomb.
What the hell is an F Bomb?
Most Adults Know. You don't drop them in front of children or the faint of heart.
Being married with children, the other guys came up with the name before I got involved.
I Like it.
Another nice point is everyone is mature, well educated, employed.
This is just for fun. We don't expect to be Rock Stars.
I feel like these guys are brothers we are so alike.
2nd admendment advocates to the hilt. Part of the vast right wing conspiracy. Lovers of hunting and family.
Willing to help friends in need.
Good People.
The Guitarist has written all of the music with help from the vocalist. I am still catching up. I have always had alot of material floating around my cranium but have not put it to much more than blogs and targets. This is changing.
The music is heavy. VERY heavy. Most people won't like it.
I LOVE it!
The songs have melody, they stick in your head.
Diablo is the guitarist. First from right in the pic.
Awesome songwriter.
and friend.
His axe kicks (deleted)
Too bad we are all in our 30's (well most of us) and can't go out and Rock the world.
Maybe we still will.
Mick Jagger is still alive or so I've been told.
The vocal stylist still doesn't have a permanent nickname. Madman comes to mind. He is second from right.
Now for something truly amazing. The drummer has only been playing for 6 MONTHS!
Natural talent. We really lock in even only after just a few practices. Just Awesome.
I have screwed around with drums for 25 years and can't keep a beat.
This guy is awesome. (they all are) Christian too. The other two worship the devil.
Just kidding. That was for Pipers benefit.
Although word is they are crazy.
The drummer, percussionist, Corvette driver is known as
Baby Gorilla. Almost as big as Diablos Rotwieller.
Oh that's Brooklyn, she eats tiny punks for breakfast. Big ones too. 120 pounds.
Blog on her soon.
I was worried, the guys said she ate the last 3 Bass players.
I believed it.
SO if you ever hear songs with the following titles, you know the F Bomb was dropped.
By the way it's good therapy to have your friends say F you.
And smile.
1)Dead Cat was the first song I learned. Again this is all original. You may or may not like it. There is an incredible amount of melody in the music. You would find yourself humming it and not know it.
So it's about some homeless dude who eats a dead cat?
2) Submission. Sorry no details and it's NOT sexual.
3) I Love the Dead. (Don't we all?)
4) U blanking blankety blank ( I can't use that language on this web site) It rhymes with stew clucking stitch!
5) Santa Vomit (He had a bad Christmas)
6) Diesel Fuel (I don't know this one yet, but it rocks!)
7) Last night we worked on a new one called Beerme B*#(# (No offense Beerme, I only play Bass!)
8) All that's left is a cup of Joe. (World War II song about Battle of the Bulge.)
Libby figures it's not top 40.
Though Casey Kasem sits in every now and then. He is a great backup singer!
Great release from the madness of everday life.
I don't think I'd be sane with out it.
Music is wonderful.
So are Friends.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


I saw Christmas this morning. Years have twisted my memories and ideals, yet it was there. I saw it.
As a kid you look so forward to Christmas. We grew up with not a lot of material things. We always had love. Clothes. Food. Warm Home. Things Dad and Mom Preached about, but kids want more.
Mom and Dad busted their glutes just to give us the necesseties. They gave us more.
We never went with out.
I always got my favorites, something to add to my Train collection.
Yea, socks and underwear. Hey you don't appreciate it until you have to buy it.
The joy of waking up and sneaking into the Living Room at 5:00 am ( or 3:00 and Mom saying "get back in bed boys, Santa might not be done!")
Warm home made cinnamon rolls, Turkey dinner(my Fave!) or Ham. Relatives,Grandma's and Grandpa's then still with us. Some say Christmas is for kids. I always want to be a kid.
I saw Christmas this morning. It wasn't gift wrapped. It wasn't lingerie under the tree when the boys were asleep.
It wasn't a gift from a jewelery store, or a new Jag. It wasn't a Train or a set of Lego's. It was not a new IPOD.
It was not a Fruitcake.
My best memories are the food so abundantly supplied on our Holidays.
Though Mrs.Gone still makes the best Holiday confections.
My Mom understands, she is proud to know her boys married up.
Christmas is every day, We should celebrate it as such.
One quick thanks to all my friends, Merry Christmas.
You know who you are.
I saw Christmas this morning, 12/18/05.
I saw it again like I did when I was young.
Before Life,Adult life.
Before romantic idealism,
Before cares and concerns of everyday life,
The look and the wonder.
A small boy.
Staring at a lit Chrismas tree.
Knowing a week away is Christmas.
Little hazel eyes, so much like Moms.
And Awe.
What is this Christmas thing?
The boys have enough Churching to understand.
Probably more than their Dad.
Those little eyes just staring.
The beauty of a decorated tree.
I remember falling asleep by the tree as a kid.
No sugarplums
Trains, yes.
I remember melting tinsel on the hot "big" lights.
I prefer the minilights now.
They look better to me.
I saw Christmas this morning.
I saw the anticipation in a young kids eyes.
I remembered what it was like.
It took me back, I let memories flow.
I saw Christmas this morning.