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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Libby's Theory of Tinfoil Hats

Theorum 1. Laws of Electromagnetic waves and the ability to conduct and repel signals.
Marconi is one of the most famous scientist/inventors to study the effects and transmission of electromagnetic waves. His study was primarily in the field of Radio transmission. Since his time the science has profoundly changed. Applications never dreamed of are being employed today to varying degrees of effectiveness. Basically a sine wave of magnetic waves travels through a medium to be sensed and amplified by electronic means. Radio, Television, Cell Phones, Satellite communications all employ this technology. Even the AC voltage in your electric outlets emit these signals. The real cause for concern is controlling the amplitude and modulation. This is the terror I am about to impart upon you.
Theorum 2. Mind Control.
Since the dawn of radio and television, people have fallen under the spell of the "MEDIA". Uncontrolled acceptance of what was being spewed by the Talking Heads.
While compelling, the average lemming viewer had no idea that their brains were being indulated with subliminal electromagnetic thought control. You must vote Democrat, Republicans HATE YOU! Vietnam is a quagmire, while we can wipe them off the face of the Earth, we can't. See? Reproductive rights mean you must abort, for your freedom. Freedom isn't free, it's taxable. Guns kill people, people must kill guns. Poor must remain poor so I can be rich. 1+1=3 IF IT MAKES YOU FEEL ACCEPTED.
BUSH LIED, STOLE THE ELECTION, IS TRYING TO CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION, which states abortion is a Founding Father Right, but Guns have been surpassed by evolutionary time.
Theorum 3.
This brings us to the present and me to my point(s).
I receive my orders every morning at 4:46AM EST via my Tin Foil Hat. All antenna worth their metal are constructed of aluminum. No resonant magnetic influx. Covering the skull it acts as its own amplifier, exciting the neurons and synapses within the cranium.
It is properly constructed per NAZI blueprints to recieve the 1940.666 mb Signal from the NRC Satellite pouring out KKKarl Rove and DICK Cheney's thought for the day. Orbiting at 23,000 miles over my irradiated head it is always in line of sight. The earflaps must be set at 34.9 degrees to absorb the entire signal. All Neo Cons know this.
Theorum 4.
Why Libs think a Tin Foil Hat can protect them.
It can't. Propoganda has let loose the idea that if a properly constructed Tin Foil Hat is worn, Lib's would be impervious to the signals. While it is possible to deflect the signal, a tin foil hat WON'T WORK! The signals get through in small increments and 99% of the time the self preserving Lib ultimatley turns conservative.
This is Karl Rove's Final Solution.
more to kome.........

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Halloween is over again for another year. Time to put away the goblins and Frankenstein movies. Begin preparations for the Holidays. Thanksgiving in just about Three weeks and Christmas a month later. For now time to enjoy the Fall. Fall? I have to assume it means the annual falling of the leaves of the decidious trees. Never did research it. For me it has always been a season of Romance. Not the Spring, mans heart lightly turns,blah blah blah. Real Romance.
This is the time people make last preparations for the winter up here in 'da Nort. In Mitch Chee Gon, final canning and preserving are completed. In day of old, root cellars were packed full of roots(This means potatoes,carrots, turnips, rutabaga to city folk),fruit,and canned goods. Cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, corn were harvested from gardens and put up. Spices like parsley, rosemary,dill were dried and stored.
I am fortunate, being born in the 60's, I still got to see good people do this.
My Mom is an expert. My wife also is.
I fear our society has become dependant on industrialized food production.
Not me.
God willing I'm going to fill the freezer with DELICIOUS BUCK MEAT shortly. My boys eat it willingly, and Mrs. Gone prepares it spectactularly.
But back to Autumn.
So many senses excited. The leaves changing,falling. Racing against each other across the road, only to turn and race back. Like school children chasing the man with the ball.
My Bear Cat fluffing out, Cocoa maturing, honing his mousing skills.
Boys hyped up from a bag of loot Oct 31st.
Mrs. and I engaged, reading our favorite books on a blanket, under the maples at my parents house. Looking to the future. Vivaldi, Mozart,Respighi,Bach,Holst, music lives in our souls.
The Wooly Caterpillars are on the move. Birds are flocking.
Good time for bonfires and cleaning up the yard.
Longing for a woodland walk with my loved one in a warm sweater.
Apple cider, doughnuts and the occasional adult beverage, bring the season into perspective.
I sometimes feel bad for those who never have experienced a Mitch Chee Gon Autumn.
The toads and frogs and crickets are quieting,shame. Miss their lulabyes.
Mars is beconing, shining bright.
Moon waning in the sky.
Snow soon, for sure.
Time to put away the power washer.And tiller.
Turkey dinners and gifts galore,
Soon to be covering Libby's table and floor,
May God give all of you so much more,
But let not us ever forget our Savior.

In prayers of happiness and health to all my Family and Freinds, everywhere.
I Love You All.