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Monday, September 26, 2005

Punkin Carvin for Rednecks

It's getting to be that time of the year. Autumn in Mitch Chee Gon is my favorite. Temperature is just right during the day for working in the yard. At night the cool fragrant air wisps you off to sleep. The leaves are starting to change. Time to engage in a few of my favorite activities. Decorating the house for the holidays and hunting. I'll admit I'm a more prolific decorator.
This wild gourd jumped out of the pumpkin patch and charged me. I saw a wild look in it's eyes. It was howling and gnashing its fangs ferociously. Apparently it was rabid. One slug from my Grandma's old single shot 20 gauge put it out of its misery.
Introducing Jack O' Splatern.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Finally a plan to return

It is about time. I won't go into the "whys" of returning to the moon, but the "how".
I remember the (last) moon landing. I asked my Dad if we could see them. He said only on TV. TV was not so interested, that bring down a President, wrong war, wrong time thing. I was Five, what did I know?
Bradbury, Burroughs, Asimov, Wells. They excited the neurons. Dad and Estes provided the fuel. I flew a Space Shuttle before NASA. So what if it was 12 inches long. It flew. I have been waiting. This is exploration. This is Columbus, Magellen, Lewis and Clark, Marquette, Sheppard, Armstrong. I would be remiss to forget Gargarin, Korolov, Komorav.
Van Braun.
I have long advocated using existing technology to step forward. In rocketry the Soviets (Now Russians, again) have been the ideal. The same rocket booster design, modified with current technology, has launched the Sputnik as well as the last manned and unmanned(Progress resupply ships) this year.
Microsoft has built the Windows OS by upgrading former technology.
NASA always seemed to want to " Reinvent the Rocket"
Part One.
Picture left to right.
Saturn V (five) Van Brauns Moon Rocket. Height approx the same as the Statue of Liberty. Failure rate? 0. THATS ZERO. The rocket itself never failed, other systems did.
Next Space SHUTTLE. With reasons, total re-invention of rocket system. Components reliable, system flawed from conception.
Third. NEW Proposed Manned booster. Shuttle solid rocket first stage, Single Shuttle HO2 second stage. Reliable? YES PROVEN. Plus Stacked design like Apollo with escape rocket on nose.
Fourth. My much argued Heavy Lift Vehicle. Using Off the shelf components this rocket is already in use. It just has not been assembled this way. Five Shuttle (SHUDDER AT TAKEOFF!) MAIN ENGINES and the ubiquitous Solid Rocket Boosters. This will put the Moon landing equipment in Earth Orbit for rendeavous with the Manned booster up to a month later. This was an early approach to Apollo. Now with 4 Astronauts(up to six) on the Moon for 6 days or longer. Ultimately establishing a base ANYWHERE on the Moon. The South pole looks promising as ice may be prevalant and solar energy abundant.
more rants soon...

Friday, September 16, 2005

Don't be this guy

There have been many interpretations of the Frankenstein novel since it was first published in 1818. The first movie on the subject was filmed by no other than the Creator of movies themselves, Thomas Alva Edison. In 1910 he filmed a silent movie which is all but lost to time. According to studio production notes, the story was "liberally adapted" and condensed, focusing on the monster's creation and subsequent rejection by its master.In this era of not so special effects, Edison used a rather unusual technique to depict the Creation of the Monster. He took a WAX Figure made to be an exact copy of what the actor (Charles Ogle) would look like and filmed it as he heated it, completely melting the wax. Then he re-filmed the footage running backwards, making it look like the Monster was forming out of liquid. Very innovative! Of course, this was Edison.
The Creature was depicted as extremely clumsy and completely dependent on his Creator. Sound familiar?
This is the Monster Liberalschism has Created.
Exhibit H.
It is unseemly to be productive. You get labeled as stepping on the downtrodden to get ahead. Born with a silver spoon firmly implanted in some orafice. Having illegally come upon success and/or wealth. The liberals don't believe anyone can do this except their elite. Only those upper crust types who go to Ivy League schools then enter the workforce with an upper management position. Superior Intellect is their right to peer down their crooked beaks at worker bee low-lifes. We should let them lead us around, provide for us. We can not be capable of success, we are not programmed for it.
This is their mantra. Keep the commoners dumb, poor, needy. Then everyday people will have to be dependent on the government. Us ignorant Creatures are only alive for their bidding. The want us alive but not to live. Not to be independent. Slaves to their ideology (idiotolgy). They want people to believe there is no other way. I'm here as living proof they are wrong.
In America you can "get ahead". You can succeed. Try working. I know that is a four letter word for alot of nincompoops.
There is nothing, save defending our borders, the government can do for you.
Get off you bloated hiney and get a job. You AIN'T gonna get 20 bucks an hour. Tell your ego this "You are not worth it, yet".
It peeves me to no end to see welfare pigs weighing in at 2 bills plus.
Maybe it is better to be a lib,minority,white trash,welfare doper,dependent......
I'll take my lifes road.
From having to wash dishes, clean the garden, mow the lawn, help around the house(including building it)working on the car and furnace, clearing land, I was programmed to work by Mom and Dad.
Now entering the workforce at sixteen I could NOT BELIEVE they PAID me to wash dishes, mop floors, cook. This was easy. I had been doing it for years with NO PAY!
Minimal wage being $3.35 at the time, I did have to work two jobs, even three for a while.
The Exhibit I will be forthcoming, but is relevant here. I DID NOT GET MY GIRLFREIND PREGNANT, WE DID NOT GET IN TROUBLE. WE WERE NEVER ARRESTED. Hell I have NEVER seen the inside of a lockup. NO I AM NOT LUCKY, SMART IS THE WORD.
This led to increasingly higher paying jobs and responsibilities. Employers in the " STEENKING CITY - thanks Kajun" were impressed by my work ethic. I was surprised, as most of the people I grew up with were no different. We all turned out to be successful. We were NOT LUCKY (I HATE IT WHEN SOMEONE SAYS THAT) Try working and not complaining.
Don't be this guy,
and teach your children a little hard work won't kill them.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Lest we never forget......

No thinking person will ever forget where they were on 9/11. Stunned in my office I called home to Mrs. Gone and simply said "Turn on the TV". Silence. Thank GOD she was working from home and not in downtown Detroit, where her main office is. Children were safe, I went home after making sure everyone knew how to contact me.
Horror became RAGE, fear was the last thing on my mind. It was apparent immediately who did this. Neighbors had a bonfire and we all talked about the ramifications.
A candle was lit on my front porch and Old Glory always waves around the lair.
How in all intelligence could people politicize this?
Why would you take one of the most horrific attacks on AMERICAN SOIL and use it for political gain? It is un-AMERICAN, idiot hILLARY(ous).
Those people were just going to work, doing their jobs, trying to get ahead.
They were not criminals as the dorkface non-indian churchill ilk( Winston turns in his grave) profess.
But for now, no more rants. REMEMBER THIS DAY AS A DAY FOR AMERICANS.
How we overcome tragedy, attacks and plagues is uniquely AMERICAN.
We band together. We help thy neighbor. We pull ourselves up by the bootstraps.
We thank GOD for his blessings and know that perils and tragedies are lessons to learn from.
The Nips understood moments after the Pearl Harbor attack." We may have awaked a sleeping GIANT".
This giant often goes to sleep. Contrary to common lib belief we are not pursuing global domination. This goal is for their bedfellows the commiechinks and islamodogradicals.
Ok maybe a few more rants.
We feed the world. We save Muslims from destruction. WE DIE in the name of HUMANITY not someones perception of GOD.
We are the first responders in International crisises.
On Patriot Day please take a moment and give thanks. I will.
Americans have a charge. This is your duty.
Make 9/11 a day to strengthen your family bonds. Call an old freind. Have a barbecue with loved ones. Raise your flag. Visit a gravesite in rememberance. Watch the leaves change. Embrace your children and simply say "I love you"
but never,
Forget those innocent who perished at the hands of EVIL SUBHUMANS.
My flag is embracing itself in healing. Ensuring all are safe at home, remembering the fallen.
The war began in the sky over Pennsylvania.
It shall not end until my beloved UNITED STATES OF AMERICA declares victory.
It's worth dying for....

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Freight rolls

Increasingly violent protests by the settlers have pushed the managment of the Port Huron and Northern Railroad to complete trackage connecting communities in St Clair county and Sanilac county, Michigan. This will tie the area in with cities to the south such as Detroit, Toledo, Chicago and beyond. More beneficial will be the ability to transfer goods around Michigan. From its many "lake" ports and bays to the thriving communities. The settlers are not acclimating well to a sustenance of extruded foam and upside down ceiling tiles. They want action!
A single track main line with provisions for future growth has been completed. Test articles where run through the route and repeatedly over the makeshift trestle.
Upon completion of tests and saftey inspections, limited freight service has begun. This mainly is to provide the materials( both raw and finished) to various worksites along the Right of Way.
The Brass Hat of the PH&N was quoted " SOON there will be a TWO TRACK MAINLINE, and service to the Mountainside community.!"
He added " The trackwork in our yards need to be completed and the massive engine facility too."
the Railroad will depict scenes from the 30's to nearly Present.
Some days Steam and war loads. Some days Diesels and intermodals.
Passenger service has yet to commence as most of the units are still in storage.
The T-pins in the pic are left over from the last strike. They held anti-union signs and were left intact for now by the Management.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Vigilant Villagers Unite!

No time to let your guard down.
Exhibit F.
We only seem to be surprised when we don't expect to be surprised.
Twice in the "Bride of Frankenstein" ( Universal 1935) the villagers let their guard down. Horrific destruction is the end result.
As the fire wanes in the old mill, the Burgermeister urges " Run along, run along to your homes, nothing to see here."
Quick fix. Monster destroyed in windmill fire. No Monster at all says he. Condescendingly adding " This strange man you call a monster is dead!"
The "Monster" is not dead.
Lackadaisical Villagers return to "Normalcy".
How many have veiled the images of 9/11?
No new ideas from the minority,grasping at every last straw perhaps.
This unfathomable EXTREME HATRED for President Bush baffles me.
I hate to say it. I think they ( EXTREME LEFT and fellow lemmings) are Anti-American!
Will it take another attack on United States of America to get the Villagers united? Will we ever be?
Exhibit G.
No one believes Minnie the maid, when she warns that it is still ALIVE.
After escaping the burnt windmill, the Creature wrecks havoc again.
The Villagers corner the Creature and overwhelm It. Lashing it to a pole in a fashion of Crucifixion, the Villagers topple the Monster into a wagon.(PIC). The captured Monster is taken to jail and strappled in an enormous chair.
The Villagers again relax and go home.
Realizing his enormous power, the Monster frees Itself.
Maybe the Villagers better make it clear to the Burgermeister. We have two opportunities to return the Village to its true Heritage and Legacy.
Two chances at having the Constitution interpreted not manipulated.
We also have elections coming up in the Village.
No need for pitchforks, torchs or those ridiculous triangle thingy ma bobs.
One simple bilingual ballot.
This Monster will never be TOTALLY destroyed. He will return in many CAMPY SEQUELS.
Every election must be attended with the focus on saving the Village.
I think Us villagers are about to see the Creature become increasingly angry and left handed.