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Monday, January 15, 2007

New Digital Communication

The Railroad needed communication so Commadore Libby devised a new form of transporting information. This is what the the Eggheads call DIGITAL. Ones and Zeros. Ons and Offs. Click click space click. I met a Gentleman named Sam who has an idea on how to coordinate these digital pulses. He however wants to name the technique after himself. I balked. I believe it should be called Morse Code as my horse was called Morse. Now he never spoke in dots and dashes but het did dash and left some, dots. A horse is a horse especially called Morse. My equine friend always talked to me, but referred to me as Wilbur????? I will keep all informed by smoke signals until I learn the new technology.

Actually, the key is a treasured part of my collection.
I have some other pieces I want to share with those who can appreciate the history as I do. Imagine the days when you had no phones, tv's or internet......
Going to to the Western Union or Railstop to send a telegraph...
But then again no popups and computer viruses, and you KNEW your kids were "On Line"
Hanging Laundry.