Libby Gone™

Location: Mitch Chee Gon, United States

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Building (another) Empire

OK after what seemed like a painful eternity, Commodore Libby Gone is back. Commerce has been slow so a new Rail Line must be constructed. First the wilderness must be grappled with. A fresh coat of paint on the walls and floor will suffice for now. As time and finances permit, a finished basement will encompass the Empire. I have sent a letter to Congress explaining how my Railroad is bankrupt and dismantled looking for BILLIONS in bailout funds. I think they will understand, as Sen. Clinton has RAILROADED a lot of people in her day.
I will chronicle the ever expanding Empire as someday I wish to compile the diary into my memoirs.
Luckily my Locomotives and Rolling stock (all my collection) survived the Government takeover precipitated by my former partner. Soon freight and passengers will enjoy the scenery as they are transported from towns and villages to the Big City.
I absolutely have to thank all my great friends and family who generously helped me in the retrieval of my Railroad Empire.
Let the fires be lit in the bellies of those magnificent Steamers!