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Monday, January 23, 2006

The Joy of Toy Trains

I have no idea why I like Model Railroads. From the earliest memories I have loved trains. My Mom says my Dad influenced me, he grew up in the '50s when model railroads were "cool", If you were a "boy". Teens had their 1920's souped up Model T's. Boys had their trains, cowboy hats, and space craft.
Most boys then wanted a train set. It was a way to act out as an adult. Run your own world. Control industry. Be like Dad. Be like an adult.
Lionel competed with American Flyer. Who had more realism?
They all did.
Know why?
In a childs imagination you don't need realism. They make it up.
Give a kid a stick and he will become Obi One Kenobi
Or Prince whatshisface.
Give a girl a Barbie.
She will play Mommy, or Miss America, or Ms. Corporate America.
I love playing trains with my boys.
The older son is not so interested as he was a few years ago, but still is amazed at times. This will probably change as we all do.
The younger loves them and we play everyday.
He makes up stories about Thomas the Tank Engine (Santa's gift to him)
Then acts it out.
I smile and fiddle with my scale trains.
Passing the hours.
I have said before I learned more about construction, electricity, art, architecture, landscapes, etc from Model Railroads.
I hope my sons do too.