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Location: Mitch Chee Gon, United States

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Return of the White Wolf

The wolf prowls among us. Growing larger every day. Hungry for meat.
Mans best friend.
A dogs dog, a gentledog. Well cultured.
Few canine can appreciate a finely grilled NY stip or Lobster tails. ByTor knows the difference between a low grade grocery store cut and the finest a meat market can provide.
I wish he would share.
That puppy chow gets stuck in my teeth.
He sits in the lap of luxury. Well nice laps if I may.......
Bird dog. (No comments Diablo...) Chases the fowl around like a school ground game.
Summers sudden arrival in Mitch Chee Gon has proven his Nort'n heritage.
He is up well before dawn when the cool country air is calling.
I love him.
His yips and yaps and now the deep howls,
I love him.
The throaty lonesome yelps
I love him.
So do alot of others.....
Hims a good pup
just over 6 months.
The wolf prowls.................

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lilies of the Valley

There is a special place to me that contains alot of unique and treasured memories. A sizable part of this is the property in which it sits. Many curious and cherished presents from God and the past.
One of these is a large "grove" of Lilies of the Valley. Several hundred square feet covered with the intrepid little plants.
This property once held a small family farm approximately one hundred years ago. The house is now reduced to a cellar filled with dirt and a century of woodland debris. A small field stone well is still visible and several clay crocks dot hillside springs.
The most interesting relics are still alive. First in spring Grape hyacinth cover the patch of trees that once was someone's front yard. Lilac bushes grown wild still bloom. Humans obviously introduced Weeping Willow,Pear, and Catalpas.
The Lilies are the sure sign of Spring. Little white bells adding to the fragrance of the warmer nights and days. How sweet.
How wonderful! Seeds of beauty sown so long ago found again to be treasured. Perhaps nearly forgotten to time,yet with the most incredible timing burst forth in splendid beauty? There truly are reasons for everything and timing is the key. How was one to know, decades ago, the seeds sown, would produce something truly wonderful one day.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The (f)Artist

Pursueing art takes a great degree of dedication. This Blog will attempt to reveal the amount of effort involved perfecting an ambition.
My friend Diablo is an incredibly gifted guitarist. He has spent a lifetime studying, practicing and employing this art. Anyone who has tried knows the guitar is one of the hardest instruments to master.
How does one do it? What drives anyone to undertake this madness? When do you find the time?
On a recent visit I discovered his secret. Mother Nature was calling and I paid his restroom a visit.
His secret is now being revealed to the world.
Some people read. Some think. Some just stink up the place. He does it all, plus writes music.
In the bathroom.
This man is not right.
I guess at least it hides the other sounds eminating from the room.
So now I have seen almost everything. The next time I hear the sweet distorted notes only a Marshall Stack can produce, I will.........

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Courtesy of Astronomy Picture of the Day. One of the coolest sites for Space junkies like me.

Explanation: The International Space Station (ISS) is the largest human-made object ever to orbit the Earth. Last August, the station was visited and resupplied by space shuttle Discovery. The ISS is currently operated by the Expedition 13 crew, consisting a Russian and an American astronaut. After departing the ISS, the crew of Discovery captured this spectacular vista of the orbiting space city high above the Caspian Sea. Visible components include modules, trusses, and expansive solar arrays that gather sunlight that is turned into needed electricity.
What a beautiful vista ! How gorgeous is this good earth !

Friday, May 05, 2006

The Creature rises from the Grave

After an immeasurable time spent in the purgatory of the grave, we find our Creature being reassembled and the spark of life about to be reintroduced. After months spent thrashing the countryside and Liberal villagers the Creature was subdued and apparently destroyed. Alas! This Creature was born of a Mad Scientist Father and Mother Lightening and SHALL NEVER DIE !
The apparatus for communicating this discovery has been repaired and will soon be updating the world on the events occuring in the cemetery of my mind. The electronic mechanisms have been secured in a new windmill and shall withstand the villagers onslaught!
The Creatures mind has been removed from the cask of formaldehyde and replaced in the cranial cavity. The shattered heart is being reassembled and fresh blood pumped into the aeorta. Soon. Soon the Liberal world will shreik with fear as the Creature rises and obeys his MASTER!
In other words, I'm blogging again.